NVSL World Cup Rules 2017

Northern Valley Soccer League World Cup 2017

Rules and Regulations




Games will be scheduled by the league.  Games can be played at neutral fields.


Referees will be assigned by the league.  Each team pays one half of the referee fees before the game.  For U10 games, we will use either two or three referees.  In either case, the fee will be $40 per team.  For U12 games, we will always use three referees; the fee will be $55 per team.

U10 (two referees) = $40 per team ($20 to each referee)

U10(three referees) = $40 per team ($20CR/$10 AR/$10 AR)

U12 (three referees) = $55 per team ($25 CR/$15 AR/$15 AR)


All teams participating in the NVSL World Cup need to have valid NVSL Rosters approved by the league and signed by the coaches and town representatives.  Rosters will be distributed to all before group play begins.  Bring two copies of rosters to all group play games.

Players May Only Play for One Team - Players may only play for one team participating in the NVSL World Cup. Players may not play for different teams in different age groups, or different towns, even if their team gets eliminated.

All players must be registered and residents of the town for which they play.

U10 Maximum Rosters = 20
U12 Maximum Rosters = 20

Eligibility is by birthdate.
U12 – born after 6/1/05
U10 – born after 6/1/07


  • All games are played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically modified in these rules.
  • There must be minimum of 3 girls on field for all U10 games (goalie included)
  • There must be minimum of 3 girls on field for all U12 games (goalie included)
  • Players cannot wear jewelry, including earrings of any type.
  • Players are required to wear shin guards.
  • Teams must wear uniforms with numbers on the back of the jerseys
  • All members of the same team shall wear the same color jersey and shorts except the goalkeeper who must wear a jersey distinguishable from both participating teams and the referee.
  • When uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors.
  • Both teams will take the same side of the field. All team supporters will take the opposite side.
  • When requested by the referee, each team must supply an adult linesman. Teams shall appear at the field 25 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off
  • Unlimited substitution will be allowed in all age groups. However, teams may substitute only with referee’s permission and only at the following times:
    • Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession;
    • Prior to a goal kick, by either team;
    • After a goal, by either team;
    • After an injury on either team when the referee stops play (1 for 1);
    • At halftime or start of an overtime period;
    • On a caution, only the cautioned player may be substituted at that time;
  • There will be no stoppage of game time or extension of game time
  • Each coach will be responsible for verifying the accuracy of the game report prepared by the referee
  • Ball = size 4
  • U12 will play 70-minute matches: 2 x 35 min
  • U10 will play 60-minute matches: 2 x 30 min
  • Semi Finals and Finals Only - Overtime: if a game is tied after regulation play, the two teams will then play two, 10-minute, full-term periods. If the teams remain tied after overtime, the match will go to FIFA penalty kicks.
  • The top two teams in each flight will advance to the SemiFinals with the #2 playing the #1 team from the opposite flight.
    • Tiebreakers for flights
    • Points (win = 3,tie = 1, loss = 0)
    • Head to head
    • Wins
    • Goals against
    • Goal Differential (max 5 each game)
    • If tied after these tiebreakers, penalty shootout will decide

•The Tournament Committee reserves the right and has the authority to rule on any situation pertaining to this tournament.

•The Tournament Committee's interpretation of the rules shall be binding and final.

Red Cards

Any player or coach who receives a red card in a NVSL match is suspended for the next NVSL game or more.

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